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5 Tips for the Best Wedding Day Detail Shots

March 1, 2024


Wedding days are so busy, with lots of hours of having your picture taken. There are the getting ready photos, the portraits, the reception, and of course, the couple pictures! Have you thought about the detail photos? You probably know the shots I’m talking about — the pretty images of the rings, the veil, the shoes, and more. All of these special touches are things that you’ve chosen so carefully! And I want to help you get the best photos of them possible.

As your wedding photographer, my goal is to not just capture the moments in between people, but also your beautiful details! To make things even easier for your wedding photographer, I’ve gathered my top tips for wedding detail shots!

Include time for detail photography in the timeline

When mapping out your timeline, don’t forget the detail shots! I like to include at least 45 minutes to an hour set aside for the getting ready photos and detail photography. If you chose not to have getting ready photos, I will often get these before the ceremony, while the lighting is still good. But the perfect time? During your getting ready photos!

Have the right supplies

There are a few things I recommend you have on hand, to make the most out of these detail shots.

First is a cute hanger. You can get an inexpensive wooden or vintage hanger. Or splurge on a fun, custom hanger! You can get them with your monogram, or your new last name. Pictures of your gown taken on the plastic hanger it came with does not make for a good gown picture!

Second, think about the ring box. An elegant ring box can elevate your detail photos to another level of style! Having a cute or vintage ring box will make your ring pictures much better. There are many options, including velvet ring boxes in a variety of colors (my personal favorite!)

Third, think of the styling options! Have a variety of flower cuttings, ribbon from the bouquet, and pretty stamps. Please make sure to tell your florist to have all bouquets and loose flowers there by the time your photographer arrives. Loose flowers make details shots so much better!

And fourth, don’t forget any personal mementos. From your vow book, to your garter, have those on hand as well! Also, if you or your bridesmaids are wearing special jewelry, have that on hand as well. We can use all of your special jewelry in detail shots, from earrings to necklaces.

Soft yellow and green wedding inspiration and details 5 Tips for the Best Wedding Day Detail Shots | White Orchid Photography 5 Tips for the Best Wedding Day Detail Shots | White Orchid Photography Soft yellow and green wedding inspiration and details How to get the best wedding detail shots | White Orchid Photography

Gather everything

To make things easier for your photographer, please keep all these items together. That way, we do not have to look for all these items when we arrive. Here is the checklist I suggest every bride has!

  • TWO copies of your wedding invitation. (This allows it to be styled with both sides showing in the same photo). One of the invitations should have your names and a dummy address in calligraphy.
  • The rings
  • The bride’s perfume
  • Details of the bride’s apparel, including the veil, shoes, jewelry, garter, and clutch
  • Bouquets & boutonnieres
  • Details of the groom’s apparel, including shoes, tie, watch, cufflinks, and pocket square
  • The groom’s cologne
  • Gifts or favors for the guests
  • Welcome bag
  • Seating cards
  • Menus

Don’t forget the groom

Don’t forget to include any of the groom details! When we get the groom and groomsmen getting ready shots, we also make sure that we capture his details. Make sure he has his items ready, like his tie, cufflinks, shoes, and watch. This way we can get a few shots of his items, as well.

Have someone be in charge of the details

Your wedding day can be overwhelming, so I recommend having someone be responsible for bringing all of these items, and having them ready. This is perfect for the Maid of Honor, or a bridesmaid that will be in the room with you. They can be the point of contact, so when I arrive, I know to go to them for all the detail items, and you can relax and get ready!

Pale blue shoes on a veil and flatlay of invites and florals

It’s all in the details

There are so many items to shoot on your wedding day! Each wedding will vary, but capturing all of the items that mean so much to you, is so important! These are items you have invested time and money into, and it’s important to have them photographed. This will not only add variety to your wedding album but will help you remember all the little moments of your wedding day!


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