Bridal Portraits for the Modern Bride

November 26, 2022


Sometimes it is easy to forget the unique (and sometimes odd!) traditions of the South and today’s topic is certainly no exception! Today, we’re chatting all things Bridal Portraits. Where did this tradition come from? Should you include Bridal Portraits in your photography collection? And how can you make them unique and unequivocally you? Let’s dive in!


The Tradition Behind Bridal Portraits

Although bridal portraits are about as Southern as sweet tea and Homecoming mums, this tradition actually originated in Europe. Nobility and wealthy families would commission oil paintings of the brides in their families to commemorate the occasion. Even today, weddings of royalty are an opportunity to splurge with high-end details. It only made sense to do everything they could to remember the event beautifully!

Bridals at The Olana in Dallas Texas | White Orchid Photography

And, of course, the South never passes up an opportunity for some fanfare and grandeur. The southern region lovingly embraced bridal portraits and as early camera technology improved, brides headed into portrait studios to capture themselves in their dress and to properly preserve their wedding day beauty forever.

Bringing Modern Flair to Your Bridal Portraits

So, how and why should you bring this tradition into the present? Bridal portraits are an incredible opportunity to get comfortable, have fun, and enjoy being a bride!


Consider it a Practice Run

Think of your bridal portrait session as a chance to get comfortable with your photographer and moving around in your dress. Especially, if your gown is particularly fluffy or form-fitting, it may take a few moments to adjust and move naturally. We can also play around with movement, and see what works the best on camera. Feeling relaxed on your wedding day is so crucial to beautiful photographs on your wedding day! Consider your Bridal Portraits a practice run with perks!

Desert Bridal Portraits | White Orchid Photography

Have Some Fun

Bridal Portraits are an incredible opportunity to have fun in your dress! Gone are the days of the stuffy portrait studio. Grab your gown and bouquet and head to a fun location like a field of flowers or down the street to a block with cool murals!

If you’re feeling bold, try out a unique accessory or two. A funky hat or jacket to create a cooler-than-cool boho moment. How about a floral headpiece to make you feel like a flower goddess. This is a great opportunity to try different looks, and can even help you pick the perfect combo for your wedding day! And you know we definitely won’t say know to a cute pup tagging along for some dog-mom vibes! Something unexpected and true-to-you will make your bridal portraits feel so personal and memorable. This is the time to do whatever you want, and make it personalized.

Bohemian Bridal Portraits | White Orchid Photography Bridal Portraits with Leather Jacket Dallas Bridal Portrait Photographer | White Orchid Photography Bridal Portraits at The Olana | White Orchid Photography

Enjoy the Moment.

When your wedding day comes around, time will jump into overdrive. You will be surprised at how quickly time flies by! With down-to-the-minute timelines and tons of moving pieces, stealing a few minutes to capture bridal photos on the actual day of your wedding may be hard to do! If solo shots of you in your gown are important to you & your family (We’re looking at you Mom & Grandma!), setting aside a separate time for Bridal Portraits are a must.

A Lifetime Of Keepsakes.

While it can be tempting to skip bridal portraits, we adore them! We love the additional chance to connect with our brides and capture beautiful, peaceful moments of women in love (and in gorgeous dresses!). We can add bridal portraits to any package, and make sure you have these timeless images!



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