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A Whimsical Affair: Spring Wedding Magic at the Dallas Arboretum

March 21, 2024

Wedding lounge area at outdoor wedding reception at the Dallas Arboretum


Spring, the season of new beginnings, is the perfect canvas for a love story to unfold. Recently, we had the pleasure of witnessing a truly enchanting spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum, where every detail was meticulously curated to create an atmosphere of refined garden whimsy.

Whimsical Spring Florals 

The floral arrangements, true to the garden theme, were a breathtaking display of natural elegance. The vibrant colors and delicate blooms transformed the entire venue into a living masterpiece. A refined garden style, whimsical in nature, adorned every area, setting the tone for a celebration straight out of a fairytale.

Magical Wedding Ceremony In The Sunken Garden

The ceremony took place in the ethereal Sunken Garden, surrounded by blossoming flowers and lush greenery. Aisle floral runners cascaded down both sides, creating a path of enchantment for the couple to embark on their journey together. The setting was nothing short of magical, as the couple exchanged vows amid nature’s embrace.

An Elegant Tented Garden Reception

Following the heartfelt ceremony, guests were welcomed to a tented garden reception at the Dallas Arboretum, that seamlessly blended sophistication with the natural surroundings. The reception, designed as a cocktail-style affair, encouraged a free-flowing and social atmosphere. Various seating options, including lounges and stations, allowed guests to mingle and celebrate in comfort.

Delightful Curated Beverages Inspired By The Spring Season

One of the highlights of the evening was the Mimosa/Spritz bar, a refreshing addition that added a touch of enthusiasm to the celebration. Custom cocktail stirs and popsicles, adorned with edible flowers, were a delightful and Instagram-worthy touch, showcasing the attention to detail that made this wedding truly unique.

A statement bar served as the focal point of the reception, offering a variety of libations and a visual feast for the eyes. The carefully curated selection of beverages ensured that there was something for every guest’s palate, enhancing the overall experience.

For those in need of a pick-me-up, a charming coffee cart awaited, complete with custom coffee cups for a personalized touch. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, providing a perfect complement to the lively atmosphere of the celebration.

Spring Wedding Inspiration in Dallas

This spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum unfolded as a masterpiece of love and botanical beauty. From the morning ceremony in the Sunken Garden to the free-flowing cocktail-style reception, every element was a testament to the couple’s unique style and the magic of spring.

As a Dallas-based fine art wedding photographer, I am passionate about connecting with people and purposefully telling their stories in an artistic and creative way. 

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Pale blue shoes on a veil and flatlay of invites and florals
Wedding ceremony set up at a spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Bride having dress zipped up and veil put in by the mother of the bride
Bridal portraits of bride putting earrings in and holding colorful bouquet
Groom with parents waiting for bride
Bride coming down the aisle at spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Guests looking emotional as bride walks down the aisle at outdoor wedding ceremony
Outside wedding ceremony at the Dallas Arboretum
Bride and groom exchanging vows at outdoor wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Bride and groom after wedding ceremony at the Dallas Arboretum
Bridal portraits outside at the Dallas Arboretum
Wedding portraits outside with brides veil blowing in the wind
Wedding portraits outside in the grounds of the Dallas Arboretum
Bar menu, lounge areas at outdoor wedding reception Dallas Arboretum wedding
String quartet playing at a spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Orange and pink cocktails and mini quiches at spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Cakes and bowl of dessert at spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Florals, wedding lounge area and wedding reception tables at Dallas Arboretum wedding
Bar menu, lounge areas at outdoor wedding reception Dallas Arboretum wedding
Bride and groom first dance at spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Bride and groom dancing wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Wedding cake on wooden table surrounded by greenery and florals
Wedding guests watching speeches at outdoor wedding reception in Dallas
Bride and groom at wedding reception at a spring wedding at the Dallas Arboretum
Bride and groom outside wedding car at the Dallas Arboretum
Groom sitting in wedding car at the Dallas Arboretum

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